Elämyslaari is developing a project for providing tailored day activities for young people with disabilities.

The development of young people with intellectual disabilities, and those who are already adults, often ends after they have completed their vocational studies.

In order to allow them to continue their intellectual development, these young people need continuous guidance to maintain and enhance the civic skills they have learned. Unfortunately, the ability of the public sector to provide active structured activities for these people is limited.
This type of activity significantly reduces the social support measures needed by people with intellectual disabilities.

Our goal is to develop this project with local businesses.
All the activities take place either close to nature in local companies on the theme days. All the activities are also supervised and directed by professional counsellors. Our aim is to enable young people to do meaningful work at local companies on the theme days, of the sort that has already been practiced in their professional studies. These sorts of tasks include warehouse work and shelving, for example.

The activity model has already been found to work well both for businesses and the young people involved.
In particular, these types of activities create help these young people to experience success.

This project has absolutely no economic goals!
The operating model makes it possible to make use of Elämyslaari’s premises during daytime. The daytime activities will take place in the Kammibuilding, which is under construction at Elämyslaari. The building will be completed in 2019.

Based on ten years of experience, we know that most customer events are focused on evening activities. As a result, the day-to-day activities of people with intellectual disabilities will not affect Elämyslaari’s business operations.

We invite and challenge businesses to join us in these important non-profit activities!
If companies take up this challenge and get in involved in these daytime activities, the project could be launched as early as autumn 2019.

Arrangements can be made to suit each interested company’s specific needs. Please support these valuable activities, and feel free to contact us!