Elämyslaari got the idea for Kammi from the kammi constructions found in Lapland. These are traditional Lappish dug-out huts made of turf that were used as dwellings in bygone times.

The Kammi building under construction at Elämyslaari is a 350m2 modern building that is being inside an excavated rock cavity. The idea behind this is ecological efficiency: the surrounding rock keeps the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With the aid of solar power, we can make our energy use even more environmentally friendly. Among the building materials being used to create Kammi is rock, trees felled from our own forest, and high-quality recycled materials. The roof structure is made of sawn aspen logs cut from the forest our own forests. 

Events for up to 100 people can be held at Kammi. Kammi can be used as a venue for conferences for groups of up to 50 people. Outside of meeting times, conference participants will be able to relax, eat well, sauna, and stay overnight if they wish.