The content of each day is tailored to each customer’s wishes, and some activities can be arranged as competitive events.

If you choose quad biking as your main activity (either offroad or on ice), you can choose two other activities to add to the package for a 60% discount on the basic price of the activity. In addition, we can also organise geocaching, horseriding, wall-climbing or archery.


A thrilling quad bike experience in the forest. The drives are guided, and the routes are chosen according to the skill level of the group. The activity lasts about 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on group size and level.

Prices start from EUR 1,400 (excluding VAT).


Sheer excitement on Land Rover Defender quad bikes on challenging terrain and in varying conditions. The activity lasts about 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on the size and skill of the group.

Prices start from EUR 1,400 (excluding VAT).


A competitive but lighthearted race packed with thrills and fun on a kilometre-long ice track with BMW 318TI cars. The cars have been customised and are lightened and equipped with a short final drive, lock unit and studded tyres for driving on ice. When competing, the driver with the shortest combined time for two rounds wins. The activity lasts about 2–4 hours, depending on the size and skill of the group.

Prices start from EUR 1,500 (excluding VAT).

Ice racing events can be organised from January to March without compromising safety.


This exciting activity will test the nerves, and uses miniature semi-automatic precision rifles. The weapons are fitted with a muffler and a red dot sight. The weapon is safe, quiet and has no recoil. After an introductory training session, the competition can begin. The activity lasts about 2 hours, depending on the size and skill of the group.

Prices start from EUR 870 (excluding VAT).


This activity requires good balance and it great fun – including for spectators! It takes place on a task rack that includes downhill sections, a small uphill section, and an obstacle to pass under. The scooters are simple to use, and getting the hang of them will take no more than a couple of minutes. The activity lasts about one hour, and requires at least six participants.

Prices start from EUR 920 (excluding VAT).


This is a competition that requires good concentration and coordination in handling an excavator. The basic handling skills needed are quick to get the hang of. The task that the competitors must carry out is times, and the fastest digger wins. The activity lasts about 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size and skill of the group.

Prices start from EUR 920 (excluding VAT).

The activities are always provided in the form of experience packages, and the minimum number of participants is six. The adventure package consists of an activity, lakeshore sauna and dining. Prices and the overall experience package are always determined according to customer preferences. Please note that the use of the ice track is dependent on what Finland’s beautiful seasons have in store, and can be arranged from January to March without compromising on safety.

Elämyslaari has a traditional sauna, an eight-person heated outdoor hot tub, a large barbecue hut with an open fire and a glazed platform terrace. The lakeshore sauna area is around 50 hectares in the middle, ensuring perfect peace for customer events. It is possible to go for a swim in the summer, and in winter we keep an ice hole open. Towels and basic detergents are included in the price.

Catering is planned with customers case by case. We use locally produced high-quality ingredients, and we can also provide Finnish game on request. Your cook for the event will be Kari, the host of Elämyslaari.

Many of Elämyslaari’s customers are foreign groups, and we provide service in both Finnish and English.

“All our team really enjoyed both events we took part in, which were car rally driving on the frozen lake and target shooting. We also enjoyed the food and drinks provided. The evening finished off well with a hot tub and a cold dip in the lake. Hopefully, since you are quite close to Tampere, we or other Sandvik groups will visit again!”
Anna Lehtisalo

Managing director, Villivisio Oy

“We went with our German customers on Elämyslaari’s offroad safari. This was the perfect place for offroad riding is great, as there are plenty of routes and there are challenges to suit everyone. There was also sauna and dinner, as well as activities that we couldn’t fit in this time given our schedule. We’ll certainly get round to them next time! All in all, Elämyslaari offers really fun things to do together and great facilities for a great day and a memorable experience”.
Pat McKenna

Mining Applications & Engineering Manager - APAC, Sandvik Mining and Rock technology